CM Outreach Projects

Each quarter our His Kids and Little Explorers Sunday morning classes collect an offering for a new outreach project. This project is usually related to kids in some other part of the world. Usually the first Sunday of the quarter, the kids are introduced to the project during our opening. They learn a little about what the project is, where the country is on a map, how to say a few words like “please” and “thank you” in that language. We chart the progress of our collecting in some classes and on a bulletin board in the hallway.

We are blessed in that we do not use our offering money to buy our curriculum for the classes here. We use it as a teaching tool for our kids to learn about the world of missions and how they can be a part of that. We encourage parents to have some chores for the kids to do each week that help them “earn” their offering. We also suggest that the information sheet we send home each quarter is placed on the refrigerator for the whole family to remember to pray for that people group for the quarter.

This Quarter's Outreach Project - Can Sunday School raise enough to supply 100 shirts this quarter?
Our weekly Sunday School offering will supply shirts ($4 each) for children in Asia who attend “Character Camp.”  At camp, kids will be taught about character traits that lay a great foundation for recognizing Jesus’ character. The shirts will be worn all year and will be a reminder of the truth they heard. Help your child get involved by  earning money to bring….and by praying!!  Anyone can contribute by placing donations in any of the classroom offering globes.